Sherine Mansour

5 Things You Need To Try On Qasr El Nil Bridge

One of Cairo’s most famous historical structures, the Qasr El Nil Bridge, alongside the famous large bronze lion statues, is a place that people love to visit at any time of the day. But it’s not possible for one to have crossed the bridge without trying these 5 things:

1. Grilled Corn

The corn trolleys found on both ends of the bridge will welcome you with the most appetizing smell. You’ll see men standing by their trolleys, grilling up the most delicious corn cobs. You can even pick out the cob of your choice, if you don’t want the ones already made, and watch it be grilled to perfection, then enjoy it with the spectacular view of the Nile.

2. Hummus Al Sham

If you happen to be crossing the Qasr El Nile bridge on a rainy day, make sure you stop by for the “Halbasa” Hummus Al Sham, sold by the many vendors around you. A warm cup of hummus beans flavored to perfection with lemon slices and some hot sauce, yum. You can enjoy your cup with the sound of music coming from all around you and the chilly breeze, making this moment a memorable one indeed.

3.The Horse Carriages

As soon as you step foot on the bridge, you’ll smell the distinct smell of horses coming from the many carriages on the bridge. So catch a ride in one of them and enjoy the stroll alongside the Nile, with some music to pair and a grilled corn cob in hand. If you’re nice enough, the carriage owner might even let you drive it, so don’t miss out on the opportunity.

4. Bike Rides

Recently, bike rides on the bridge were organized through fun activities and marathons. So wake up very early (it’s worth it) and enjoy a bike ride in the chilly air by the river. The feeling will probably have you hooked and you’ll soon be cycling on the bridge almost everyday.

5. Taking a picture with the lions

Number one on your to-do list when crossing the Qasr El Nile bridge should definitely be taking pictures with the lion statues, a famous historical mark in Cairo which attracts people from all over the world. Make sure you take enough photos with your loved ones so the memories can live on forever