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Alwan Wa Awtar: Supporting The Social Inclusion Of Vulnerable Youths

Alwan wa Awtar (A&A) is a non-profit organization based in Cairo that offers artistic and non-formal educational activities to children and youth that live in rural areas and marginalized communities.

Since its inception, Alwan W Awtar has worked to meet the needs and expectations of vulnerable communities.

A&A’s mission is to induce positive change at the economic, social, educational, and health levels, thus ensuring sustainable human development among socially excluded groups.

Alwan w Awtar’s objective is to actively contribute to the favorable development of the Egyptian community through visual and performing arts. A process strongly linked to a deep understanding of existing social deficiencies and of people’s emerging needs and expectations.

Through various programs and activities such as the Community Library, the Live and Learn program, the Montessori Child Corner, and many more. It intends to improve both the living standard and the socio-economic conditions through promoting quality education and teaching life skills.