Tortina: An Amazing Dessert Spot Guaranteed To Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

Wondering where you can have some fantastic desserts here in Cairo? Head to el Merghany Street where Tortina – an amazing dessert spot – awaits.

From chocolate cakes to rich creamy gelato in a cone, it’s nearly impossible to resist one of the best desserts in Cairo.

You absolutely must try their caky chocolate batter swirl with tres leches cream, or the amazing pistachio ghoraeiba, or their Kunafa Tiramisu covered in Tortina’s special Tiramisu cream mixture and sprinkled with cocoa powder for that extra refreshing flavor.

There is a range of flavors from fruity to creamy, and you can choose from a wide selection of sweets. You have the option to choose their moist fruit cakes, as well, if you want to stay on the healthier side. These desserts will have you feeling happy in no time!