Amr Chahine

Hany Saad’s Hacienda Summer House Wins Platinum Muse Award

Renowned Egyptian architect and interior designer Hany Saad has won the prestigious Platinum Muse Award for his work on the incredible Hacienda Summer House, a white villa that contrasts hardwood steps with transparent glass handrails.

Hacienda Summer House by Hany Saad Innovations is located in the North Coast, and is designed to reflect a relaxing environment by balancing the aspects of modernism with extremely luxurious principles of design.

Hacienda Summer House’s interior is just as unique as its exterior. It is surrounded by water, and is where regal sophistication and elemental simplicity are the golden standards!

From the kitchen, to dining area, to the living room, to all bedrooms and bathrooms, the style, the design and function is very consistent and harmonious to ensure a relaxing ambiance of comfort and tranquility.

The Muse Design Awards is a global recognition of the world’s best designs, products, and projects produced by professionals from various backgrounds and levels of expertise.