Amr Chahine

Discover Suez’s Must-Try Delicacies

The magical sea where fish, shrimp, crab, lobster and oysters, and the amazing delicacies of Suez and its famous food.

Sridia Oysters

Only divers can get to this unique oyster, and the task of collecting Sridia is a very cumbersome process, because it is manually extracted and difficult to find. After collecting them, the shells are boiled and sprinkled with spices and lemon juice, served with a tahini dip. Saha w hana!

Logos (اللوجز)

Another type of crustacean that can be found in the Red Sea, this delicacy is also difficult to catch. After collection, it is either boiled in the shell, or the shell is broken and the meat extracted and boiled. You can even grill it and enjoy it in a magical seafood soup!

Saramba’ (الصرمباق)

Sold individually, you can buy these dry or soft. Lots of people use the shells as decorative ashtrays, you can extract the meat without breaking the shell and either enjoy it as is, or dry it and enjoy it cured.

Generally speaking, all these delicacies are very well known in Suez and though you may find them in Alexandria, Port Said, and South Sinai, you won’t get the same experience. These are a must-try in Suez!