Sherine Mansour

5 Koshari Spots You Need To Try In Cairo

Koshari is more than just pasta, rice and lentils… it’s an Egyptian specialty that ranks number one in terms of popular food for locals and tourists alike. Downtown Cairo is known for being crowded with delectable koshari spots, here are 5 you need to try.

1. Sayed Hanafy

A well-known popular destination for koshari lovers in DT, Sayed Hanady started selling koshari back in 1952 on a modest trolley. Today, he’s famous for the lemon half he serves with every koshari plate. A must-try!

Prices range between 8 and 22 EGP.

2. Koshari Abou Tarek

Abou Tarek is the most popular koshari restaurant in Egypt, no exaggeration. Dozens of local and international papers have written about this exemplary place, where they’re printed and hung on the walls. Abou Tarek is also the first koshari restaurant to expand to Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

Prices range between 13 and 25 EGP, and they also serve “rezz b laban” and “mhallabiya”.

3. Koshary El Tahrir

Koshari El Tahrir is a go-to for tourists roaming around Downtown Cairo. Previously, they had put up a warning sign about their hot sauce, because the trend was for koshari restaurants to make their hot sauce with oil on fire, making it extremely heated.

Prices range between 7 and 25 EGP, and they have family platters that feed up to 5 people.

4. Tom and Basal

A wordplay on the famous cartoon Tom & Jerry, Tom & Basal quickly gained recognition for their creative name. To attract more customers, the koshari spot also serves pies and pizza.

Prices range between 11 and 24 EGP.

5. Al Mo2men w Go7a

One of the most famous koshari places in Downtown Cairo, Al Mo2men W Go7a offers a nice ambiance. Whether you opt for its luxurious indoors or spacious outdoors, you can enjoy a feast of koshari, salad, pickles, toast and marinated tomatoes.