Maha Mohamed

6 Things You’ll Find In Every Egyptian Home

No matter how different Egyptian homes may be, you will find these 6 things in ALL of them. 1. The fancy china sets You’ll only see these when you have guests and visitors over because your mother will never serve you food in them. Your biggest fear is breaking one of them, so you just avoiding being next to them altogether. 2. Ice cream tubs that now store garlic You’ll open the fridge to see ice cream tubs just sitting there. You start drooling as you reach out for them and you can’t wait to dig in, only to find out that they’re actually being used by your creative Egyptian mother to store garlic spread. 3. The famous chair Usually found in a bedroom, the famous chair is where you throw everything you own from clothes to socks to underwear and more. You’ll only find it empty when you have guests over but it goes back to its original purpose as soon as they leave. 4. The storage space under the bed Everything that doesn’t go on the famous chair belongs under the bed, and it’s exactly where you should be looking when you suddenly lose something. One peak under the bed and you’ll find some of your high school books, childhood toys, and very old clothes. 5. Cleaning rags that were previously old clothes You never know when you’ll walk into the kitchen to find an old shirt of yours being used as a cleaning rag. But of course you’ll just move on because there’s nothing you can do about it. 6. Random jars used to store spices It’s 1 AM and you’re thinking of making some coffee to keep you awake as you watch a movie. You walk into the kitchen to grab the Nescafe jar only to find it’s filled with black pepper.