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Awad Saleeb

4 Of The Best Food Delivery Apps In Cairo

Not only are food delivery apps convenient for those of us who like to order food with a click of a button, they’re also the perfect way to save money, thanks to their endless offers and discounts. Check out some of the best food delivery apps in Cairo! 1. Otlob Otlob is one of the first food delivery websites in Cairo, and you can find their app on Google Play and the App Store. You can either pay in cash or by card, and you’ll be thrilled to hear that they have awesome discount coupons. 2. Akelni You can either visit the Akelni website or download their app from Google Play and ITunes. They regularly offer exclusive discounts which could reach up to 60%. 3. El Menus El Menus gives you a preview of different restaurants and their menus AND delivers your food, which you can order directly through the website or via their app, available for Android and IPhone. Download it now and benefit from a 50% discount on your first order! 4. Glovo Glovo is one of the newest and fastest delivery services in Cairo. Not only do they deliver your food in record time and for a much cheaper delivery fee, they also pick up and deliver anything you need! The app is available for Android and iPhone.