5 Egyptian Dishes That You Can Make Easily

Starting to cook for yourself? Here are some amazing dishes you can prep!

1. Moussaka

You’ll get your daily dose of veggies with this tasty dish! Moussaka consists mainly of potatoes, eggplant and meat, and it tastes best homemade.

2. Rez M3amar

Here’s another dish that’s high in nutritional value, affordable, and quick to prepare!

3. Fatteh Bi Lahmeh

Traditionally served after Eid El Adha, this type of fatteh has rice, meat, spices, garlic, tomato sauce and of course, bread.

4. Stuffed Potatoes

The perfect side dish, stuffed potatoes stands out with the flavor of the minced meat, tomato and spices. It’s also great because your groceries will end up being cheap.

5. Stuffed grape leaves:

One of Egypt’s favorite dishes, this dish requires skills hands to tightly roll and stuff the grape leaves with minced meat and sauce. Sahtein!