Karlos Anis

The Truth Behind Your Favorite Traditional Egyptian Foods

Aside from its ancient monuments, Egypt is also known worldwide for its traditional food. Here’s the truth behind some of your most famous and favorite dishes.

1. Ful Medammas

Egyptian people are known for their delicious foul, it’s one of Egypt’s trademark dishes. But there are different tales about the truth behind this dish. While some people say it was the food of the pharaohs, others believe it originated when “Deimos” – a Greek God – threw ful beans into boiling water.

2. Falafel

Another Egyptian specialty, Falafel was originally created by the Copts as an alternative for meat, especially that they would fast a lot during the year.

3. Kushari

Although Kushari is one of the most famous eats in Egypt, it is not originally Egyptian. In fact, the famous dish is actually Indian and was introduced to Egypt during World War I. Its original name was “kutshari” but the Egyptians later changed it to kushari.

4. Molokhia

Molokhia was originally named “Molokia” because it was food for the kings. Another story says that the Hyksos originally forced Egyptians to eat Molokhia because they thought it was poisonous, which didn’t turn out to be true.

5. Mahshi

Although the Egyptian mahshi is truly incomparable, some people believe that it was originally Turkish and was introduced to Egypt during the Ottoman rule.