Egyptian Swimmer Cherif Fathy To Cross English Channel To Raise Funds For Lebanon

In a unique effort to help support Beirut blast victims, professional Egyptian swimmer Cherif Fathy is taking on a new challenge.

The wonderful athlete will be crossing the English channel by September 1st, despite the challenges, to help raise funds for those affected by the devastating blast that happened in Beirut on August 4th.

In case you haven’t grasped just how impressive that is, keep in mind that the English channel is about 240 km wide and 560 km long. Add to that strong winds and high waves, and you have an extremely treacherous journey for a good cause!

Cherif Fathy is partnering up with the Lebanese Red Cross to allocate all donations and funds to the trusted organization, who has been working relentlessly to offer relief to the victims of the explosion.

He is currently in Dover, England, where he is preparing for the epic swim across the English Channel to the coast of France.

“Please pray for me, really needed,” Fathy wrote in his Instagram post announcing the swim challenge.

Best of luck Cherif!

For those of you who want to donate to Beirut through Cherif’s fundraiser, click here.