Noha Suleiman

4 Spots For Delicious Fried Chicken

Sometimes there’s nothing better than a delicious platter of fried chicken! Here are four spots to have fantastic fried chicken in Cairo!

1. Kansas Fried Chicken

The real deal fried chicken. We’re talking crunchy, juicy, and tender pieces of seasoned fried chicken that will keep you coming back for more.

2. Bazooka

Such a popular spot, and for a great reason. Bazooka serves up some of the crunchiest, most delicious fried chicken meals. Coleslaw and fries are fantastic too!

3. Chicken & Ribs

A true Southern experience! Don’t miss out on the delectable chicken and waffles meal.

4. Dega’s

With a slogan all about how it is fresh and not frozen, this spot does not disappoint! Buckets of fried chicken, mac and cheese, fried chicken burgers, and so much more awaits!