Maha Mohamed

6 Places To Find Cheap Books In Cairo

We’ve rounded up a list of places in the city where you can find the cheapest books. Happy reading!

1. Azbekeya Book Market

One of Egypt’s largest second hand book markets, you’ll find literary gems at Azbekeya! And this market is conveniently located right next to the metro station.

2. On Al Naby Danial Street in Alexandria

If you find yourself on Al Naby Danial Street, stop and look through its impressive collection of vintage books sold at great prices.

3. General Egyptian Book Organization

If you find yourself in any branch of this organization, it will always be a pleasure looking through the remarkable collection of books.

4. Sayeda Book Market

Even though it’s less famous than Azbekeya, this street market boasts a great collection of books. It’s also conveniently located next to the Sayeda Zainab station.

5. General Organization Of Cultural Palaces

Literary works and translated best sellers at the cheapest price, this national spot is the spot you were looking for.

6. Al Maadi Used Books

Also located in Azabekia, this spot stands out with great discounts, different genres, and great vibes!