Egyptian Doctor Loses Eyesight Due To Work Pressure In Isolation Hospital

A local hospital in Egypt witnessed a terrible incident after a doctor treating coronavirus patients lost his eyesight due to work pressure.

Doctor Mahmoud Samy, 39 years old, is a nutritionist who had been part of the courageous medical team fighting at the frontlines of the battle with the coronavirus.

Last Friday, Dr. Samy felt overly exhausted after working long hours for 8 days straight due to the increasing number of cases in the area.

According to local media, he took to bed on the 8th night, but was shocked when he woke up and realized that he had lost his eyesight and can no longer see.

Dr. Samy was immediately transferred to the Intensive Care Unit after he tested negative for the coronavirus.

Doctors speculate that he had high blood pressure due to exhaustion, which in turn caused a blood clot in his eye’s arteries.

He is currently being treated at the expense of the government.

We wish him a speedy recovery!