Rahma Ali

Do You Remember These Old Ramadan Ads?

If you grew up watching these Ramadan advertisements, you had an awesome childhood.

Pepsi – Dania Samir Ghanem

One of the most successful ads of its time with a very powerful message as well. Did you sing along to this ad? Because we did.

Etisalat Ad 2010

This ad brought together many Egyptian stars like Yousra, Mounir, Ahmed Ezz, Ezzat Abu Ouf, and Hend Sabry. The song had a beautiful melody, and the video’s lighting, setting, and location were all impressive.

Mobinil 2009

The Mobinil campaign in Ramadan 2009 was one of the most popular advertising campaigns on TV. Despite not featuring any stars or celebrities, it was simply perfect down to its every element. It was also very relatable in its description of how we feel during fasting hours.

Coca Cola Ad 2011

While people usually wait to watch series, we would wait for this ad in between series breaks. With its catchy tunes and cheerful feel, the ad just makes us burst with happiness. “You are everything you dream of … you are the only one.”

Vodafone Ad 2012

“What about mama?” The most known sentence in the ad that still echoes in our head till this day.

If you have other old Ramadan ads in mind, share them with us in the comments!