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Noha Suleiman

Iman Al Sayed Crowned Queen Of Comedy For Ramadan 2020

La la, el 2irtibat 3ayez taqa mish mawguda 3andi aslan“..

This hilarious phrase was first narrated by iconic Egyptian actress Iman Al Sayed on the popular Ramadan series Why Would We Fall in Love Again?, but the sentence has since gained traction with single social media users all over Egypt.

People found it hilariously relatable and have since been sharing it as a justification for why they’re single.

Al Sayed has been described as the funniest actress this year and has put a lot of smiles on people’s faces during these tough times.

Many funny memes have been circulating on social media using Sayed’s lines and hilarious facial expressions as a response to just about any situation.

Here are some of them: