Noha Suleiman

Take A Virtual Tour Of Egypt’s Most Iconic Destinations With This App

Bored at home? We have just the thing for you.

Around Egypt is an awesome new application that was created by Egypt VR, in collaboration with sister company 34ML, to help users go on a virtual tour of Egypt’s most iconic sites and destinations from the comfort of their own homes.

That’s right. With this application, you can visit over 30 touristic and cultural sites in Egypt without actually leaving the house.

This is an amazing initiative that will give you the chance to be a tourist in your own country all while ensuring your safety.

Temples, beaches, national parks, religious sites, ancient cities, and more, Around Egypt has it all. And it’s all a click of a button away.

The application is now available on all stores. You can download it below:

Apple Store:

Google Store:

Oculus Store: