Noha Suleiman

Ramez Galal Faces Severe Backlash Over New Prank Show

Popular Egyptian media figure Ramez Galal is facing severe backlash on social media channels after his annual Ramadan prank show aired on Friday.

Ever since 2011, Ramez Galal has been hosting prank shows during Ramadan, targeting some of the biggest names in the entertainment, sports, and media sectors, both in the Arab region and worldwide.

But this year, his show was deemed too extreme, especially considering viewers’ mental state amid the coronavirus outbreak.

In the statement published by state-owned daily Ahram, mental health professionals called on the Public Prosecutor and the Supreme Media Regulatory Council to take action and cancel the show.

The statement said the scenes showing “violence, torture and bullying” could be a mental health trigger for viewers already suffering from a “state of anxiety, fear and tension” due to the coronavirus global outbreak.

Each year, viewers criticize Galal for his extreme, humiliating pranks. But this year, the audience did not seem impressed at all.

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