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Sherouk Magdy 22 Mar 2020

How Are Egyptian Restaurants Dealing With The Coronavirus?

With the current panic over the coronavirus outbreak, the Egyptian government has taken a number of measures to combat and contain the pandemic. Many of these measures include restaurant procedures, so how are restaurants in Egypt battling the virus?

1. Desoky & Soda

This Egyptian restaurant is banning the use of glass and silverware, and replacing them instead with disposable material. They’re also providing all customers with hand sanitizers and disinfectants, as well as offering delivery services.

2. Sha2et Garden City Cafe

Similarly to Desoky & Soda, this cafe is also resorting to disposable material and providing customers with sanitizers. They’re also cancelling all events up until mid-April.

3. Ayadina

Because they consider their customers to be family, Ayadina promise impeccable hygiene and constant disinfection in their kitchen and restaurant. They’re also offering delivery services for those of you who would rather stay home.

4. The Bakery Shop

TBS are imposing strict regulations which include imposing early closing hours and removing indoor seating. They’ve also banned the customer feedback tablet, and are limiting the number of customers in their stores at a time.

5. El Prince Restaurant

In compliance with governmental mandate, the owner of El Prince has decided to close the restaurant’s doors for two weeks. He has also announced that they will be donating a total of 1 million EGP to the Ministry of Health.