Maha Moustafa

5 Of The Best Shawerma Spots In Alexandria

Shawarma lovers, this is for you!

With so many new shawerma restaurants popping up, we’ve decided to round up our personal favorites. Check them out:

1. Sultan Ayub

One of the best shawarma restaurants in Alexandria, Sultan Ayub is ALWAYS crowded. So forgive them if your order is late, it’s well-worth it.

2. Tarboush


This amazing restaurant has been serving some of the best traditional Middle Eastern food since 1985. But their star dish is undoubtedly their shawarma. Chicken or beef? Try both and thank us later.

3. Fayrouz Restaurant

Fayrouz, mother of the best Middle Eastern food in Alexandria. Aside from serving delicious falafel, manakeesh, and so much more, this restaurant is also highly popular for its amazing shawarma.

4. Maa Ward Restaurant

An authentic Syrian restaurant in the heart of Alexandria, you can just imagine how delicious their shawarma is. Maa Ward also serves other delectable specialties like their manakeesh and mu3ajanat.

5. Abou Fares El Sory

Another amazing Syrian restaurant on our list, Abou Fares El Sory’s shawarma is simply delicious. They always have the best food offers, so you can order at any time of the month. Oh, and don’t forget to leave some room for their coal-grilled kunafa. YUM!