Maha Mohamed

4 Of The Best Things To See In Faiyum

One of the top touristic destinations in Egypt, Faiyum is a must-visit.

The Egyptian city is popular for its cultural sites, beautiful views, and so much more. A land of stunning nature and rich history, Faiyum is well worth discovering!

Ain El Selein

A beautiful area that is perfect for long walks, Ain El Selein is a must-visit. Aside from the beautiful greenery and magical water springs, the park also boasts a number of cafes and restaurants that are perfect for anyone looking to re-energize.

The Pyramid of Hawara

The Pyramid of Hawara was made for Amenemhet III, the sixth Pharaoh of the 12th Dynasty in ancient Egypt and is located about 9 kilometers east of the oasis of Faiyum. It was built out of brick stones and then coated by limestone, and is sometimes called the Black Pyramid.

Lake Qaroun

One of Egypt’s most treasured natural landmarks. Lake Qarun is the third largest lake in Egypt, and should definitely be on your list when you go to Fayoum. It is simply referred to as the Berka, which means “the small lake” in Arabic. The lake has the most beautiful and picturesque views, which you can enjoy during a small boat tour.

Wadi El Rayan

A unique natural reserve in the heart of Faiyum, Wadi El Rayan boasts gorgeous waterfalls, breathtaking valley views, and beautiful lakes. While you’re there, make sure you make some time for bird watching, and you might even spot some of the world’s few remaining slender-horned gazelles.