Sherine Mansour

3 Egyptian Movies Based On Real Murders

Egypt is very known for its production of amazing films, some of which in the true crime genre inspired by real events! Here we list 3 Egyptian films inspired by real events:

1. Saffa7 al Nisa2 – 1970

Based on a serial killer who murdered women between 1948 and 1953, Saffa7 el Nisa2 stars Fouad Al-Muhandes who presents the story with a comedic twist.

2. E7taris mn Al Khat – 1984

A notorious killer and thief who terrorized the region until he was arrested and killed, Mohammad Mansur’s story was adapted into a movie starring Adel Imam, Bulbula, and Samir Sabri.

3. Al Mar2a wal Satour – 1996

Starring Nabila Obaid, about a woman who killed her husband and cut him up into pieces…