Cedar Rehab: A Look Into The Middle East’s Only Private Rehabilitation Center

In a country lacking in empathy towards individuals facing addiction problems, Cedar Rehab stands out as the finest rehabilitation center in Lebanon and in the Middle East. The amazing center is working to destigmatize the struggle of addiction, and to show that seeking help is never wrong.

Located in the pristine village of Hammana, Cedar Rehab boasts a welcoming atmosphere that receives individuals struggling with alcohol and drug addictions. The center also has programs for those struggling with what is called process addictions, namely gambling, food addictions, and co-occurring disorders.

Cedar Rehab was founded by a family who experienced addiction first-hand and didn’t find reliable and qualified rehab centers in the region. Out of that personal experience, Cedar Rehab was born in 2011 as an NGO and the ONLY private treatment facility in Lebanon.

On the inside, the center is homey, with warm-colored interiors and an all-around comfortable feel that uplifts the center and makes it feel more like a residence than a rehab.

The Cedar Rehab family comfortably houses 14 patients, dedicating special focus to each segment of their recovery. The center abides by a strictly secular approach, and implement the Matrix Model, a highly structured integrative treatment that takes into account different psychological orientations. This creates tailored treatment programs for patients.

The team of professionals behind the rehab lays out the individualized plans for each patient that can last anywhere between a month, 6 months, or more. Patients typically go through these stages towards full recovery: treatment engagement, early recovery, maintenance of abstinence, and integration into the community.