No, Donald Trump Is NOT Getting A Lebanese Son-In-Law

Happy to burst your bubble on this one, but no Donald Trump is NOT getting a Lebanese son-in-law. Not yet, at least.

For the past two days, an invitation announcing the engagement of first daughter Tiffany Trump to Lebanese Michael Boulos had been making the rounds on social media.

And just in case our reputation wasn’t tainted enough around the world, Lebanese people were quick to circulate the news, announcing that the future heir to Boulos Enterprises is set to become Donald Trump’s son-in-law.

But on Wednesday morning, Boulous took to his Instagram story to shut down the rumors.

“Want to wish everyone a happy new year!!” he wrote. “FYI though, the letter/invitation that has spread around in the past two days is not real, it’s been completely made up…”

The couple reportedly met in July 2019 while on vacation in Greece, and have been going strong since.