Toqaa Jad

What’s The Story Behind The Salmonella Song?

Young Egyptian singer Tameem Youness kicked off 2020 by releasing the “Salmonella” song, which quickly became trending on social media and a topic of controversy.

Hours after being posted to YouTube, Salmonella had almost 80,000 views and is still going strong, reaching more than 1,000,000 views.

But what is the story behind the salmonella song and why is everyone talking about it?

Despite many people accusing Tameem of producing a song that encourages gender-based violence, the artist released a video explaining that the purpose of the video is actually the opposite. Using sarcasm, wittiness, and humor, Salmonella makes fun of men who get aggravated when faced with rejection. Hence, the lyrics, choreography, and overall music video. The point of the song is not advocating for violence against women – it’s actually highlighting fragile masculinity, in a sarcastic way, and that is known to be Youness’ style.

What do you think?