Noha Suleiman

10 Cairo Spots Perfect For A Birthday Celebration

Planning for a loved one’s birthday is always a hassle, especially when you want to treat them to something unique and different and make them happy. So we rounded up 10 of the best places for a fun birthday celebration in Cairo and a special surprise for a special someone:

1. Pizza Club

Everyone who has tried this pizza gem has fallen in love with their food and service. This spot is perfect for a birthday gathering because the entire team at the restaurant are willing to help you plan for an unforgettable birthday surprise. Best part? No minimum charge! For more information and reservations, call them.

2. Makank Cafe & Restaurant

They call themselves the “birthday bomb” and it’s pretty obvious why. This place is well-known for being the ultimate birthday host, even for groups as large as 20 people. They have a minimum charge of 100 pounds, and they will provide you with the DJ and decorations for free. Call them ahead of time and book your table for a fun birthday.

3. Talla Restaurants

Yet another spot that will provide you with a DJ for free. Talla Cafe has packages for all budgets, and it’s the perfect place if you’re a large group planning for a fun birthday surprise. Book your spot at least one day before.

4. Mezaj Cafe and Restaurant

Perfect for birthday gatherings, this place is located on the Maadi Corniche. It has an Arabian theme, and will provide you with a DJ and decorations. They charge around 75 pounds for the cake service and a minimum price of 100 pounds per person including food and shisha. Make sure you reserve ahead of time for a fun birthday celebration.

5. Bardora

If you’re looking to throw a fun birthday party with delicious food and decent service, then this place is for you. Colorful, artistic and lively, Bardora is the setting you need for amazing birthday pictures. With no set minimum charge, their prices are very reasonable. You can find them in Nasr City.

6. CAVE – Play Station

The perfect place for you and your squad to celebrate the most FUNtastic birthday. Once you’re done blowing the candles and eating cake, you can play Playstation and enjoy a few rounds of gaming. This spot has a different concept, it consists of 4 different rooms to choose from based on what you like and they also have movie nights for ultimate fun.

7. Al-Markeb

For couples looking to celebrate their loved one’s birthday in a private and romantic setting, this place is for you. They have special packages for birthdays and they will set the mood right for your romantic evening. Call them for more information, and be sure that they will make your birthday dreams a reality.

8. Le Mix

Located on the Nile river, this place is your go-to when celebrating a special someone’s birthday. Romantic and soothing, it offers the most beautiful panoramic view of the sunset and always has the best deals for birthday reservations. If you’re celebrating with your friends and you’re more than 10 persons, Le Mix will give you free cake service. If you’re less than 10, you get a 50% discount. Don’t miss out on these cool offers and book for your next gathering.

9. Stage

This place is CRAZY and is known for throwing the best birthday parties. Take over the stage and show them your hidden talents. Their interior promises gorgeous group pictures and their seperate rooms will give you all the privacy you need for the best birthday gathering ever.

10. Adrenalin Park

Adrenaline Park is THE spot for an enjoyable birthday, for both kids and adults. Epic paint fights and challenging treasure hunts, they have an array of activities that will leave a huge smile on your faces. Kids will be absolutely ecstatic here, and adults who still know how to have a good time will especially enjoy beating each other in the paint fight.