Sherine Mansour

16 Songs To Celebrate Star Academy’s 16th Anniversary

Ever since its debut in 2003, Star Academy has left its mark on pan-Arab viewers and remains to this day one of the most remembered shows from the early days of reality television.

<b>1. La Bamba – نحنا لمين منغنّي [Season 1]</b>

Every season had its own anthem, inspired from a popular tune and sung by candidates at the start of every prime. For Season 1, it was an upbeat remix of famous Mexican folk song La Bamba that you just can’t not sing along to.

2. Jayi l Hakika – جايي الحقيقة [Season 1]

At the end of Season 1, the iconic top 8 made their own song titled Jayi l Hakika [The Truth is Coming], which became a commercial hit with the help of its camouflage-covered video clip.

3. Je Suis Malade – Sofia & Cynthia [Season 1]

These two formed a special friendship that went on to become a trademark of Season 1 [remember when they fell during rehearsals and spent a few days at the hospital?] and their rendition of Je Suis Malade remains in our hearts.

4. Fame – عيش [Season 2]

The quest for fame continued the next season with an adaptation of Irene Cara’s famous 80s hit.

5. Laissez Moi Danser – مشينا [Season 3]

Season 3 was one of the most memorable seasons of the show thanks to its characterful candidates, seen reaching for the stars here to the beats of Dalida’s disco hit.

6. Loulou – لولو [Season 3]

Season 3’s Joseph, Fady, and Walid teamed up one day to make music and ended up with the most nonsensical song ever. The academy-made hit became a highlight of the season and was even performed in the finale by season winner Joseph Attieh.

7. Zaman El Mousika – زمان الموسيفى [Season 3]

The top 8 took us back in time with their collective song, featuring a mashup of various retro hits in a vintage setting.

8. Holding out for a Hero – جينا [Season 4]

Season 4 saw the show’s first ever female winner and its opening anthem referenced yet another 80s movie soundtrack, this time using Bonnie Tyler’s iconic Footloose single.

9. Que Si, Que No – جيل ورا جيل [Season 5]

Back to latin-pop territory with Season 5’s festive opening song, based on Hot Banditoz’ popular 2007 cover.

10. What a Feeling – اللّيلة جينا [Season 6]

After Fame in Season 2 and Footloose in Season 4, it was turn for Flashdance in Season 6, with the opening song lyrics being set to another one of Irene Cara’s 80s chart-toppers.

11. Sawa – سوا [Season 7]

The only season where the academy’s anthem wasn’t based on a famous song [unless Shazam and my ears failed to find it].

12. Helem w Sar – حلم وصار [Season 7]

Commemorating seven years of the program, Season 7 brought back old candidates to sing a special song composed by Marwan Khoury for the occasion alongside the new participants and a cute chorus of children.

13. Allez Ola Olé – يلا قومو نغني [Season 8]

France’s 2010 entry to the Eurovision Song Contest made an appearance in the opening anthem of Season 8.

14. On the Floor – من جيل لجيل [Season 9]

The show needed some reviving for its 9th season, so they brought in JLo into the opening anthem to turn up the heat.

15. Magic in the Air – املا قلبك بالحياة [Season 10]

This Magic System song was arguably 2014’s biggest hit, and it eventually made its way into the anthem of Season 10, marking a decade of Star Academy Arabia.

16. Dance Again – بتمرق سنة بترجع سنة [Season 11]

JLo again, but this time with Pitbull. Anyway, this was the last recorded anthem of the academy in its final season to date.