Rahma Ali12 Nov 2019

4 Of The Best Lebanese Restaurants In Cairo

Cairo is known for its versatile and diverse food scene, one that satisfies every taste. And Lebanese food lovers, this one’s for you!

1. Tamara Bistro

When we think of delicious Lebanese food, Tamara Bistro automatically comes to mind. With their delicious mezza and lovely decor, this Lebanese spot is definitely a must-try.

2. Taboula

One of the best Lebanese restaurants in the city, Taboula will take you straight to Beirut. True to its name, Taboula serves the most delicious taboula salad you’ll ever have, alongside their other mouthwatering appetizers and main dishes.

3. Caracas Egypt

Another go-to for Lebanese food, Caracas offers an entirely different culinary experience. After you’ve had your share of your favorite Lebanese mezza specialties, make sure you leave some room for their chocolate crepe.

4. Fayruz Restaurant

Fayruz Restaurant is easily one of the best Lebanese spots in the city. Named after the most influential and admired singers in the Arab world, Fayruz Restaurant provides an exceptional experience that you do not want to miss out on.

What other Lebanese restaurants do you like?