ThisIsCairo.com23 Oct 2019

5 Cairo Spots That You NEED To Try!

A restaurant for every taste! These Cairo spots will satisfy your every craving, all you have to do is dig in!

1. Tuti Matti

An all-Italian feast awaits at Tutti Matti, available everyday between 9 AM and 1 PM. Deliziosa!

2. Butcher’s Burger

This restaurant has 8 branches in Cairo. We recommend you try their “Butcher’s Juicy Juicy” which is a burger with cheddar cheese that is melted on the meat, lettuce, and mayo! They also have a kids menu that the youngsters will absolutely love!

3. 900 Degrees

Located in Downtown Mall in the 5th district, this restaurant makes really good pastas and pizzas with the best selections of cheese, fresh tomatoes, and sauces. Their chicken pizza has tomato sauce and delicious strips of chicken that will keep you coming back for more.

4. One Oak

One Oak combines our two favorite dishes in one: steak and sushi. They serve both local and imported meat, with a side of steamed vegetables and delicious assorted dipping sauces.

5. Sobhy Kaber Restaurant

The name alone is enough. In case you don’t know it, Sobhy Kaber is one of the biggest and most famous kabab, kofta and BBQ restaurants in Cairo. People from all over the world come to Egypt for a taste of their food, so it’s always crowded with a mix of locals, khalijis and foreigners. Their reputation is not an empty one, so in case you haven’t tried it yet, make sure you do.