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Rahma Ali 21 Oct 2019

Enjoy A Meal For 50 EGP Or Less At These 4 Spots

We all know the feeling when it’s the end of the month and we barely have any money left. So we decided to help out and roundup our favorite cheap eats around the city. Check them out!

1. Zack’s

Recently opened, Zack’s Chicken is already making a name for itself for serving delicious affordable eats. Mouthwatering chicken sandwiches and extra cheesy pastas, all for 50 EGP!

2. Abo Mazen

Looking for a quick bite on the go? Make your way to Abo Mazen and indulge in the best shawarma for the best prices.

3. City Crepe

Crepe lovers, this one’s for you. Treat yourself every end of the month and head to City Crepe for your favorite wraps.

4. Asian Corner

When you’re craving Asian food on a tight budget, Asian Corner is your go-to. Indulge in the most delectable combinations, all for 50 EGP!

Where do you like to eat when you’re broke?