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ThisIsCairo.com 16 Oct 2019

Lovely Gesture: A Sherine Concert For People Affected By The Fires In Lebanon

Heartbreaking footage of hellish wild fires have been circulating on social media. These were taken in Lebanon, where almost 104 fires had erupted in 24 hours.

Raging flames can be seen eating up everything in their way in frightening scenes. Houses were evacuated, forests and green spaces were burned down, and people were left with no where to go.

And because Arabs should always stick together, acclaimed singer Sherine Abdel Wahab took to Twitter to express her sadness over the situation in Lebanon and her support for the victims. She also expressed readiness to organize a concert, with all profit going straight to the families and individuals affected by the fires.

What a beautiful gesture by Sherine!

We wish Lebanon and Lebanese people the absolute best, and may God protect all Arab countries.