Ghossoun Hagag

5 Of The Best Breakfast Spots In Cairo

Now that the weather is finally becoming cooler, breakfast outings are SO much more fun. So we’ve rounded up a list of all the best breakfast spots in town!

1. Bell’s Restaurant and Cafe

With a beautiful interior, calm ambiance, and delectable menu, Bell’s is the perfect breakfast spot.

2. Coven Cafe

Craving an English breakfast? No need to book a flight to London, just head to Coven Cafe and indulge in the most delicious English dishes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

3. Tutti Matti

An all-Italian feast awaits at Tutti Matti, available everyday between 9 AM and 1 PM. Deliziosa!

4. Tabali Bistro

Foul and ta3miyah, this perfect pair is a breakfast for champions, so head to Tabali Bistro and eat up!

5. Brix

Walking around Cairo Festival City Mall is one thing, but enjoying a delicious breakfast feast facing the dancing mountain is another! And this beautiful experience is exactly what you’ll get at Brix, the ultimate place for people to savor good food and have a good time.