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Sherouk Magdy

4 Songs That Were Written For Cairo

Cairo is known for being a loud and lively city, which is why many songs have been written for and about it. Here are some of our favorites:

1. Cairo 2000

Both the intro and outro songs of Cairo 2000 (the series) were dedicated to Cairo, its people, and the relationship between them.

Both songs were written by Sayed Hegab and composed by Ammar Elshereiee.

2. “Huna Al Qahira”

One of the most popular songs about the city, “Here is Cairo” was also written by Sayed Hegab and composed by Ammar Elshereiee for a series of the same name.

3. “Al Qahira”

Three years ago, Egyptian superstars Amr Diab and Mohamed Mounir collaborated and performed a wonderful song titled “Al Qahira”. The music video was filmed by the river, and the song was written by Tamer Hussien.

4. “Ahly Cairo”

A non-Egyptian singer known for his love to the country is Hussein El Gasmy. The famous singer wrote a song to describe the people of Cairo and how they’ve changed over the years.