Ghossoun Hagag

5 Iconic Cafes You Need To Try In Cairo

An outing is never complete without a cup of coffee! Here are five of the most well known and beloved cafes in Cairo.

1- Hurriya Cafe

Ahmad Ramzi, Shukri Sarhan, and the prince Rushdie Abaza are only some of the big names who would frequent this iconic spot.

2 – Umm Kulthum Cafe

Beautiful, cozy, and wonderful. Enjoy a game of backgammon and a cup of coffee while you listen to, of course, the great Umm Kulthum.

3- Aswan Cafe

The sweetest thing about this coffee shop is its magical location. You’ll feel all the Cairo vibes here!

4 – Cafe Al-Fishawy

Emulating traditional Egyptian social life, you’ll feel like you went back in time.

5- Zainab Khatoon Coffee