Ghossoun Hagag06 Sep 2019

5 Iconic Cafes You Need To Try In Cairo

An outing is never complete without a cup of coffee! Here are five of the most well known and beloved cafes in Cairo.

1- Hurriya Cafe

Ahmad Ramzi, Shukri Sarhan, and the prince Rushdie Abaza are only some of the big names who would frequent this iconic spot.

2 – Umm Kulthum Cafe

Beautiful, cozy, and wonderful. Enjoy a game of backgammon and a cup of coffee while you listen to, of course, the great Umm Kulthum.

3- Aswan Cafe

The sweetest thing about this coffee shop is its magical location. You’ll feel all the Cairo vibes here!

4 – Cafe Al-Fishawy

Emulating traditional Egyptian social life, you’ll feel like you went back in time.

5- Zainab Khatoon Coffee

The best pot of tea you’ll ever try! And possibly one of the best shishas that is bound to keep you coming back for more. As for the atmosphere, you’re right in the middle of historic sites that are thousands of years old.