Mohamed Waheed\

Egypt 2019: New Roads And Bridges!

No doubt that the new roads in Egypt might be confusing for most of us, even for those who are human GPS’s. Here is a little cheat sheet to help you get by: 1. “Daba’a – Rawd Al-Farag” Axis Heading to Matrouh or the North coast? Have a look at this short highway road. You can save up to two hours if you chose to hit “Dab’a – Rawd Al-Farag” Axis to reach your destination at the North Coast or Matrouh governorate. It helps you escape Cairo’s traffic jam easily, and by the end of it you could turn West to North Coast or continue heading to Matrouh governorate. 2. “Shubra – Banha” Free Highway If you’re obsessed with speed and you’re headed to Dakahlya, Sharqya, Gharbya, or Alexandria, then the Shubra – Banha highway is your best choice. This road is an alternative to “Alexandria – Agricultural” road and it saves you 20 to 25 minutes. 3. Sharm Al-Sheikh New Road This is to tell you that as of now, it should only take around 4 hours until you’re in Sharm Al-Shikh! Pretty soon, a new highway that connects Cairo with Sharm Al-Sheikh will be open and it will save you four hours. This road is passing by cities like Raa’s Sedr, Toor Sinai, till Sharm –Alshikh, which gives you variety of options to spend your vacation.