Karlos Anis

5 Spots Perfect For A Romantic Date In Alexandria

Alexandria loves the sea, the sea loves Alexandria; and since it is no surprise that romance was born on Stanley Bridge (and NOT Paris!), we’re going to share 5 spots perfect for a romantic night out.

1. 7 Sky

One of the best spots to take a lover to in Alexandria, it’s seafront and open air. With impeccable service, you’ll celebrate your love under the stars and the open sky.

2. Chocolate Factory

As they say, this one is for chocolate lovers. This sweet spot is romantic and will add a dose of sugar to your night.

3. St. Tropez

A classic restaurant with live guitar music, calm vibes, and delectable food. Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

4. Santa Lucia

If you’re craving traditional, romantic vibes complete with piano music and a sea-view, Santa Lucia is where it’s at. The Greek-Italian fusion restaurant serves delicious food in a serene atmosphere.

5. San Giovanni

Open in 1938, this 5-star spot is well known and for good reason. Enjoy a magical night with the exceptional view of Stanley Bridge adding a spark to your love!