Maha Mohamed

7 Myths Only Egyptians Will Understand

Legends, myths, and old wives tales! Check them out: 1. The upside down flip flop Your mom is bound to freak out if she sees an upside down flip flop so turn that over! 2. Spilled coffee… Is good luck, of course! 3. The mouloukhiyya’s “shahqa” The delicious base for every mouloukhiya must be accompanied by the cook gasping for air over it – as though that will affect the flavors. 4. Pinch the bride’s knees Legend has it that if you don’t pinch a bride’s knees, you won’t get married. Pinch away, people! 5. The last bit of juice remaining in your glass Another matrimonial legend, if you leave juice in a glass, the person giving it to you (or their relatives) won’t get married. Probably a creative way of getting everyone to finish their meals. 6. Finish your whole plate The words drilled into our mind, as though if we don’t finish our plate kids will starve worse. 7. The boogie man Honestly, why scare kids like that?