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Maha Mohamed 01 Aug 2019

Discover Marsa Alam, Also Known As The Egyptian Maldives

Because we know that booking the nearest flight to Maldives any time we desire is not always a feasible option, we found the perfect alternative right here in Egypt!

Let’s discover Marsa Alam, a resort town on the Red Sea in Egypt known for its sandy beaches and coral reefs. Check it out!

1. Wadi El Gamal National Park

Established in 2003, Wadi El Gamal is a national park in Egypt, known for its unique biodiversity.

2. Ras Hankorab Beach – Sharm El Luli

Ranked among the top 25 beaches worldwide in the 2018 Traveller’s Choice Awards rankings by TripAdvisor, Ras Hankorab is slowly gaining notoriety in the world as one of Egypt’s most stunning getaway destinations.

3. Dolphin House – Sha’ab Samadai Reef

Dolphin House – Sha’ab Samadai Reef is a well-known dive site and home to over 5,000 dolphins ranging from different species. The preserved area also boasts a very diverse marine life and allows for different entertaining activities like boating, snorkeling, and more.