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Maha Mohamed 23 Jul 2019

3 Must-Visit Museums At The Great Library of Alexandria

The Great Library of Alexandria in Alexandria, Egypt, was one of the largest and most significant libraries of the ancient world. Within it are several libraries that are an absolute must-visit! Check them out:

1. Manuscripts Museum

Filled with rare scrolls and ancient books, this magical museum has over 30,000 rare manuscripts and 50,000 documents. There are also early printed books, maps, and antique coins. The best part? The digitalized versions of these manuscripts are available, and you’ll be able to scroll through them one page at a time.

2. The Antiquities Museum

Established in 2001 and opened to the public in 2002, the Antiquities Museum provides a glimpse into Egyptian history from the Pharaonic era to the conquest of Alexander the Great to the Roman civilizations before the advent of Islam across Egypt. The collection includes underwater antiquities from the Mediterranean seabed near the Eastern Harbour and the Bay of Abukir.

3. The History of Science Museum

A permanent exhibition that highlights the historical aspect of science in Egypt during three major periods: ancient Egypt, Hellenistic Alexandria, and the Arab-Muslim World. The Museum pays homage to scientists who have enriched scientific knowledge.

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