Awad Saleeb

Fun Activities For Children In Sharm El Sheikh

There’s a lot that you can do in Sharm El Sheikh all around the clock because it’s simply a city that never sleeps. But when you have children, finding appropriate activities could be more challenging, so we’re here to help. Here are 5 fun activities for children in Sharm El Sheikh. The glass-bottomed boat ride One of our favorite activities in Sharm El Sheikh is the glass boat ride, and luckily it’s perfect for children too! It’s the perfect chance for kids to see the beautiful fish and other forms of life underwater. The submarine tour This is even more fun than the glass boat because it dives at least 2 meters underwater, so you could see the coral reef in a clearer manner. Water parks Almost every hotel at Sharm El Sheikh has a water park, they’re the perfect entertainment for children. Soho Square Soho Square is the perfect night destination for your family. Your kids can enjoy a dancing fountain show, as well as live concerts, 9D cinema, and ice skating.