Awad Saleeb

4 Spots That Make Incredible Waffles In Cairo

If you love waffles, this one’s for you. These perfectly squared pastries are a delicious treat at any given time of the day, as long as you know where you can have them.

We’ve rounded up a list of the best waffle spots in Cairo, check them out!

1. Wafflicious

This waffle spot serves both the sweet and the savory, and we love it! They even have Mickey shaped waffles for the kids, but we won’t judge if you order them for yourselves.

2. Waffle Zone

Waffle Zone prepares the most delicious waffles with our favorite chocolate bars. Snickers, M&Ms, Maltesers, and Toblerone, the choices are endless. You can even have your waffles with flavorsome ice cream!

3. Dip n Dip

You need to try the Dip n Dip specialty waffle here. Perfectly cut into 4 pieces and served with fresh fruits and ice cream of your choice, this sweet dish is the best.

4. Waffle Maker

If you’re craving waffles for lunch, this is your go-to spot. Enjoy a savory meal of burgers, hot dogs, and more, all wrapped in a soft waffle wrap. Then move on to dessert and feast on a Nutella waffle and a waffle cake.