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Noha Kandil

Local Brands That Celebrate Egyptian Culture

We’re happy to see some brands attempting to preserve Egyptian culture! Here are some faves:


This fashion line is inspired by traditional Egyptian dress, using natural textiles that are handwoven and dyed. They are made locally and celebrate the best of Egyptian culture.

The Sahra Collection

The Sahara Collection is all about combining today’s high-end fashion with Egypt’s diverse cultural mix and rich vintage elements into the finest and most comfortable fabrics and fits. The brand also empowers women with the factory consisting of over 95 percent female employees. They are a brand that work to produce locally and ethically sourced fashion, while empowering women in the workforce.

Mix and Match

Well made and locally designed, Mix and Match makes creations for for women in wool, silk and cotton that are reasonably priced and often feature subtle Middle Eastern details.

Qaaf Gallery

This fantastic space sells many of the above brands, as well as quirky T-shirts and more.