Noha Kandil20 Jun 2019

Have A Taste Of Italy In The Heart Of Cairo

Italy has its charm, and indulging in Italian cuisine is a unique experience to say the least. Italian dishes may look simple, but in reality only few nail its authentic taste; here are some of our favorites:

Alla Grande

Alla Grande brings the authentic taste of Italy to the busy streets of Sheraton Al Matar – Heliopolis. Executive Chef Selim brings 25 years of experience in Italian cuisine to your dining table every single night. With in-house baked bread, juicy lasagna, and 15 varieties of pizza – brick-oven baked the old-school way – Alla Grande is what you need to sooth your senses after a long working day.

Sapori Di Carlo

Sapori in Italian means ‘Flavors’, and if you’re wondering who Carlo is, he is the Executive Chef. Located in Zamalek, Sapori Di Carlo is famous for its fresh milky burrata cheese, made in-house, as well as its Panna Cotta, the delicious Italian dessert. The restaurant opens its door for breakfast as well; and what’s better than starting your day the Italian way?


What differentiates Andiamo from other Italian restaurants in Cairo is its chill concept. In addition to serving a wide range of Italian savories and desserts, Andiamo is known for its upbeat vibes and special events curated to suit the young hip culture, as well as adding a pinch of freshness to older generations. Such events make Andiamo a go-to hub during the weekends, that’s why reservation is a must at its Heliopolis and 6 October Branches.


If you’re in the mood for dressing up, Bella restaurant – located at the Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza – is the place to be for a refined night of Italian fine dining. Bella’s open-kitchen will keep you at the edge of you seat while watching the chefs in action and inhaling the heavenly scent of their wooden-stove-baked loaves.

O’Sole Mio

O’Sole Mio takes the beautiful Napoli as its main inspiration; from its name which is originally a 19th century iconic Neapolitan song to its fresh raw ingredients. The restaurant offers an array of Italian flavors with modern twist, adding a colorful dash to authentic Italian dishes; like the Pink Beetroot Rissotto and its Pink Spaghetti. You can find O’Sole Mio at Nile City Towers, where you can also do some shopping and enjoy one of the best movie theatres in town.