10 Great Restaurants Overlooking The Nile River

Wondering where you can go for a beautiful view overlooking the Nile River? Here are 10 great restaurants along the Nile that you need to try.

1. Halawa we Zataar

Go out with your friends for delicious food, a spectacular view of the Nile and a Shisha, all found at Halawa we Zaatar. This spot is simply amazing, especially during sunset so call them and book a table.

2. KA felucca

This place has several boats, and you get to choose the one that suits you best. They have a relationship boat, which is romantic and love-filled, and will take you on a trip through the Nile for two hours. So enjoy the love and privacy, and make sure you reserve 24 hours ahead of the boat trip. Don’t worry their prices are very reasonable.

3. Cafe Pro’s

This place is soothing for anyone who has ever tried it. You’ll find yourself facing the Nile, with a heater next to you in case it gets too chilly. Their food is amazing and their prices are affordable, so take your friends and go for a relaxing day.

4. Rotana Café

This place is highly recommended in case of an important interview or a special first date. The ambiance and the view of the Nile are spectacular, the food is delicious, and it’s the perfect spot to visit when you want to watch your favorite team playing on the big screen. It can also be very quiet so it’s great for anyone who wants to work, read or just have a good time.

5. Hayda

Lebanese cuisine has come to you, and it’s right by the Nile river. their ambiance will transport you to Beirut, but the breathtaking view of the Nile will remind you that you’re still in Egypt. They have oud performances that are very enjoyable, and their interior is one a different level. If you love sitting by the Nile, this place is for you.

6. Blue Blue

This place combines several cafes and restaurants, all of them overlooking the Nile. They all have good customer service, and their cheesecake is a must-try. The cafes have good shishas to lift your mood and the restaurants serve the most delicious food. They also regularly have live music and performances.

7. Latino Restaurant

One of the most popular places by the river in Cairo, Latino is known for its special location on the Nile, aside from their fresh and delicious food and juices. They also have shisha for anyone who wants to unwind, so take your loved ones to spend the day.

8. Le Pacha Boat

This place is most definitely a must-try. Let your mind wander to another world as you sit by the Nile underneath dim lighting in a classic setting. The live music performances will take you to a different place in this chic and romantic spot, perfect for a first date. You can also go with your friends if you feel like watching a game in a calm setting.

9. Nile Lily Restaurants

This place has everything you need. Let me start by saying that through it you can book a yacht to take you on a private trip through the Nile. Made up of 4 restaurants, we recommend that you try Sky Lounge. With its outdoor seating overlooking the Nile, this spot is perfect for friends and lovers alike. They even have a special menu for couples and their food is simply mouthwatering.

10. Cairo Tower

We can’t list some of the best restaurants on the Nile without including Cairo Tower. Not only is it a symbol of Cairo but it’s also a great outing place because it overlooks the entire river and city. Located on the 24th floor, the restaurant in Cairo Tower is most definitely something you should try with friends and family.