Awad Saleeb

3 Sport Activities That Will Change Your Mood In Cairo

If you’re looking for some sports other than jogging or playing ball, here are a few activities you can check out!

1. Run with Cairo Runners

Cairo Runners organizes a ton of running events, like the marathon! They even have charity runs.

A great thing about Cairo Runners is that the events are suitable for all members of the family, and all fitness levels.

2. Ride a bike or a kayak!

Riding a bike can be great aerobic activity and luckily, we have tons of organizations that can help you ride. Cairo Bike, for example, organizes tons of events that can help you take touristic rides like the upcoming ride at Deir Semaan on the 5th of April.

Go Bike is another organization that you can ride with.

And finally, 4Bike will help you get on a kayak!

3. Hike the day away

Hiking is fantastic for those of you who want to have a change of routine. Check out Cairo Hiking who will take you on excellent treks.