Mohamed Mohsen

Places To Attend Musical Concerts In Cairo

There are rarely any spaces that host musical concerts in Cairo, and the ones that do are often unheard of and unknown. We always have to wait for bands to announce their own concert schedules to learn about music spaces, but we’re here to help with a list of places that host concerts in Cairo.

El Sawy Culturewheel

The hub for all musical concerts in Egypt. Any and all famous bands have performed here at least once. The cultural space also hosts poetry, theatre, and cinema, but is known most for its musical concerts. You can book your tickets online.

Room Art Space

Aside from being an art space for artistic and musical events, Room Art Space is also a restaurant and cafe. They host new and upcoming bands and their tickets are always affordable and accessible. They even organize open mic events for anyone with a hidden talent.

Al Rab3

A completely different ambiance, Al Rab3 boasts tarab music for tarab lovers. They’re a platform for bands like Egyptian Project, who perform Sufi music, and the place itself is a landmark from the Fatimid era.

Darb 1718

A cultural center that organizes concerts for different bands and welcomes different types of music. Darb 1718 take pride in “Music On The Roof”, their most popular event. For a month, the event hosts several concerts on the center’s roof. They also have different activities like cinema, art workshops, and art galleries.