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Karlos Anis

The Secrets Behind Cairo’s Most Ancient Markets

Cairo is home to some of the world’s most ancient markets and their buried secrets, all of which make for great stories to tell. Learn more about them here:

1. Souq Al Sagha

Located on Al Moez Ldin Allah Al Fatmi, this is one of the largest gold trade markets in the country and one of the oldest in the entire Arab region. There you can find anything you would imagine to be made from gold, silver or other metals. The market is packed with goldsmiths who meet up on the daily to agree on the set price of gold for the day.

2. Souk Hamam El Talat

This market is known to be a set destination for all newly weds on the hunt for furniture. Founded more than 700 years ago, the market was named after the public baths and “hammams” it had during the era of the Ottomans and the Mamluks. Later on, trade took over the area and turned it into one of the most popular markets in Egypt.

3. Souk Al Imam Al-Shafi’i