Karlos Anis

10 Places You Need To Check Out In Zamalek

Zamalek is known to be one of the most affluent areas in Egypt and the perfect place for a nice outing. Surrounded by the Nile from all sides, Zamalek is the place to be, and we’re going to tell you exactly where to go.

1. Aisha Fahmy Palace

The palace was opened to the public after it was renovated. A piece of art in and of itself, you’ll feel like you time travelled 100 years back once you step foot inside. Art, love, history and art, your heart will be full after walking through the aisles of the castle.

2. Zamalek Rooftop

Behind the Aisha Fahmy Palace, you’ll find the Zamalek Rooftop. The perfect timing to visit this place is during sunset, so you can enjoy a spectacular view overlooking the Nile. A romantic and calm spot with excellent service that you can also enjoy with your friends.

3. Tavolino

Good music and a good mood, this spot is unlike any other bar you’ve ever been to. With refreshing cocktails and delicious food, you can check it out alone or with friends.

4. Gezira Art Center

If you’re into fine art, you need to visit the Gezira Art Center. There you’ll find paintings and portraits that are out of this world, as well as cultural seminars and workshops that will make you fall in love with art and the place more. If you want to try something different, gather your friends and head to the art center.

5. El Sawy Culture Wheel

You can’t go to Zamalek without passing by El Sawy Culture Wheel. The non-smoking spot is a hub for art, music and beauty. If you haven’t tried it yet, you’re missing out, so keep an eye on their Facebook for the nearest concert or seminar.

6. Goal Cafe

Day or night, this cafe is suitable for any time of the day. Delicious food and drinks and the best service, gather your friends and catch your favorite team playing on the big screen.

7. Club 33

Abu El Feda Street in Zamalek is known for being crowded with cafes and home to Club 33. With a nice location by the Nile, good shisha, and delicious food, this spot is perfect for a casual outing. We recommend you visit it at night for an enjoyable experience.

8. Bo5arest

While strolling through Zamalek, you’re bound to spot this name. The outside will pull you in and the inside will keep you coming back for more. Delectable food and especially decadent pasta, you’re going to think twice before heading anywhere else on your day out.

9. Pottery Café

A must-visit spot in the heart of Zamalek, Pottery Cafe serves excellent shisha and toothsome desserts, especially their famous cupcakes. A comfortable and private setting, this spot will have you hooked.

10. Maharaja

The Maharaja chain restaurants are one of the most famous Indian restaurants in Egypt. Presenting a full Indian experience, you’ll get the chance to dress and eat Indian, and take a few pictures for the memories. A few bites will send you on a flavorful journey to India, so don’t miss out.