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Abdelrahman Shoaib01 Apr 2019

5 Restaurants You Need To Check Out In Cairo

Islamic Cairo is one of the most beautiful parts of Egypt, not only for being the capital and home to many mosques, churches and museums, but also for standing out with unique restaurants serving delectable food.

1. Sobhy Kaber

One of our favorite restaurants in Egypt, Sobhy Kaber is known for its delicious food and generous portions. If you still haven’t tried it, you’re truly missing out.

2. Kebdet El Prince

A close competitor with Sobhy Kaber for their similar menu, but we simply can’t differentiate between the two with Kebdet El Prince serving equally delicious meals.

3. Chicken Fil-A

A rising fast food chain that has proved itself with its modern tasty meals. Here you can find all kinds of juicy and delicious burgers.

4. Barad Shay

This spot is perfect for gatherings and get-togethers, especially because of its decadent specialties and ongoing generous offers.

5. Mario’s Lounge

If you’re a Super Mario lover, then this place is for you. And if you’re a fan of quiet comforting spots, then you’ll absolutely love this one. Boasting a spacious rooftop overlooking Cairo’s finest streets, this lounge throws parties every once in a while but is also great for a visit any time of the day.