Karlos Anis29 Mar 2019
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10 Of The Best Dancing Schools In Cairo

No one can deny that dancing is truly a pleasure of its own. Whether you’re into Western or Eastern dancing styles, here are some of the best dancing schools in Cairo:

1. Cairo Contemporary Dance Center

One of the first full time dance schools in Egypt and the Arab world, it offers a 3-year training program for anyone who wants to take on dancing at a professional level. The dance center offers open classes and workshops for different dancing styles, including ballet, hip hop and contemporary dance. They’re recognized by the UNESCO International Dance Council and their prices are very reasonable.

2. Vogue Center – House Of Artistry

This is one of the most prominent dancing schools in Cairo. It’s located in Heliopolis, so it’s perfect if you’re around Nasr City and the region. They teach ballet, salsa, tango, and zumba, and the dance teachers are the sweetest and most helpful. They’ll follow up with you step by step until you become a professional dancer.

3. Samia Allouba Gym Dance & Fitness Centers

If you’re a Maadi resident, this school is perfect for you. It’s one of the best dancing schools in Cairo, where they start teaching you everything you need to know step by step. At this dance school, you’ll learn how to dance in no time and you’ll be able to choose between a number of dancing styles to learn. Whether it’s Middle Eastern dance, salsa, or tango, their dance teachers are some of the best.


Do you like hip hop and break dance? Search no more, this school will have you flipping and twirling in no time. Gather your friends and register in the dancing classes for an encouraging and fun group experience. They also teach ballet for kids.


Latin dance lovers, this one’s for you. This dance school has all types of latin dancing, and will help you fit in and be comfortable right away. At the Latin Love Dance School, you’re treated like family and you’ll feel like you’re right at home. They’ll also push you to perform on stage and participate in performances to believe in yourself, and they’ll help you reach professionalism.

6. Dansation Egypt

Once you visit this place, you’ll feel a crazy rush of energy and vigor thanks to their lively ambiance and dance instructors. They teach all types of Latin dance for individuals and couples, and their music playlists are FIRE. Not to mention their interior and lighting which will make you feel like you’re at a disco party or a nightclub rather than a dance school.

7. Belly Dance In Nasr City

If you love belly dancing and you want to learn it professionally, this place is definitely for you. One of the first schools in Egypt to specialize in teaching belly dance, it’s located in Nasr City and has a team of the best experts and professionals. They always offer special deals on a monthly basis, so make sure you register ASAP.

8. Easy Talent Academy

Easy Talent Academy is the perfect place to teach your kids ballet professionally. They’re open to all children between the ages of 3 and 16, and they have regular school semesters. Aside from being acknowledged and accredited by several international dance institutions, it’s also certified by the General Gymnastic School in Egypt.

9. Hany Hassan Ballet Academies

Another ballet dance school that is perfect for children. Founded by Hany Hassan, Cairo Opera Ballet Company’s fist dancer, this place is very special. It has excellent and very refined service, and it provides offers that suit you and your child’s needs.

10. Ezzat Ezzat Contemporary Dance Studio

One of the best contemporary dance schools in Egypt, EECDS radiates inspiration and has a team of excellent and supportive instructors. You’ll feel right at home here with a second family and soon enough you’ll be excitedly waiting for your dance classes. You need to check it out! They also teach mixed martial arts, but let’s leave that for another day.